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Named after Prof. Allan Harworth
Environment: Fully Air-conditioned
Learning Aid: Overhead Projectors,Whiteboard
Learning Aid:Public Address System
Capacity: 160

Prof. Allan Haworth Lecture Theatre

Prof. Allan Harworth

allanProf. Allan Haworth was born in June 1928 in Lancashire in Britain. Prof Haworth did his secondary education during the Second World War. He later went to Royal Air Force at the age of 18 and served in the medical branch. He later went to Queen’s College Cambridge then did his training at Royal London hospital. He started looking after psychiatric patients while in the Royal Air Force in England in 1948.

He arrived in Zambia from the United Kingdom in 1957 as a mission doctor in Mbereshi. Prof Haworth arrived at a time when white missionaries stayed separated from black people but that did not please him, so, he resigned and joined the federal government service. And in 1959, he came to work in Lusaka. He also worked in Kitwe. It was during that time that the federal government awarded him a scholarship to either study pathology or psychiatry. He started to study psychiatry in 1963, with the expectation that he would help to develop mental health service in Zambia, not only at Chainama Hospital but the whole the country. He would travel to other parts of the country setting up mental health services. It was because of his work that he was made the honorary fellow in psychiatry. Prof. Allan Haworth was a pioneering psychiatrist who worked at Chainama Hills Hospital for many years. He was responsible for establishing the training programme in psychiatry at the University of Zambia School of Medicine. He is known as the Father of Mental health among the medical fraternity in Zambia

For his contribution in Zambia, Dr Kaunda made him the grand commander of distinguished service first class. He also received an award from the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace. Prof Haworth, who was considered as a giant medical doctor, researcher, a philanthropist and a teacher. Prof. Harworth died in Leeds, United Kingdom at the age of 89.