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PROF. Chomba Interacts With LMMU Kabwe Campus Students

Levy Mwanawasa Medical University (LMMU) Vice Chancellor, Prof. Elwyn Chomba recently visited LMMU Kabwe Campus to officially welcome its 226 students to the newly established LMMU.

The LMMU Kabwe Campus, formerly, Chainama College of Health Sciences - Kabwe Campus, was established in 2015 and offers one programme, a diploma in Clinical Medicine for Clinical Officer general.

Welcoming the students to LMMU, Prof. Chomba urged the students to be proud as they were the pioneers of the University. She however reminded them that this historical acclaim they have attained comes with duty and responsibilities.

“You are solely responsible for the success, failure and fortunes of this university. Together we stand to be judged by history for what we shall create”, she stressed.

“Remember there has been a lot of sacrifice from your parents/guardians and the nation to ensure that you access this education therefore, self-discipline and focus will be required from all of you without any compromise!

The Professor also challenged faculty staff at the University stating “The LMMU we want should provide an educational process that will devote time and effort to the passing of knowledge and skills to the student using hands-on competence-based experiences so that the students can fit into their future roles as health professionals.

“LMMU should foster critical thinking, analytical approaches.  It should be a place where students are provided conditions necessary for continuing growth and for the constructive development of the individual self.  

In the pictures, Prof Chomba with LMMU Kabwe Campus students.