The Levy Mwanawasa Medical University National Health Reference Library

The Zambia National Health Reference Library is the national health library with a mandate to collect, organize, disseminate and preserve all medical and health related library books, journals and information materials in the country. This library is a referral library that focuses on health and health related materials. These library materials are accessible to students, faculty and the general public in both print and digital format.

The library consists of Short Loan Collection (CLOSED ACCESS) and General Stacks Collection (OPEN ACCESS)

The CLOSED ACCESS (Short Loan) is where students access books through the librarian in charge of the section. In this section students are allowed to borrow books and use them within the section for not more than 3 hours. Most of the books that are found in this section are those that have been deposited by teaching departments or single copies on demand, expensive books which the institution is not able to purchase in bulk, and personal copies either written by lecturers.

The OPEN ACCESS (General stacks) collection is where students have the freedom to walk around the Library and pick the book of their choice. In this section students are allowed to borrow books for 2 weeks and lecturers for 1 month. They are free to use the books anywhere within the prescribed time.
The library operation hours are from 08:00hours to 22:00hours.


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